Financial Lead

Cindy brings decades of financial analysis and bookkeeping experience to the agency. A graduate from The William Paterson University of New Jersey, she has managed the finances for a multitude of companies across industries including media, marketing, healthcare, and legal.

Cindy was looking to infuse her awesome expertise at a company close to home in her quest to achieve a Zen-like work balance. She is a QuickBooks whiz who is well-versed automating processes, payroll, financial and management based analysis. Our clients find her feisty spirit an absolute pleasure to work with even though she is constantly asking them for money.

Cindy lives with her husband Eddie and a collection of her kid’s old Star Wars plates, which she is having difficulty letting go. She enjoys spending time with family, being city folk/country folk, and cruising the aisles at Wegmans.


Things That Cindy Loves...