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Operations Lead

Dara grew up playing with a calculator from a very young age. She thought it was a game, but her bookkeeper mother was just having her check her math. A clever Huck Finn accounting scheme was launched and an incredibly detailed-oriented person was born.   

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from the Wharton School at UPenn, Dara rose to a Director role in the retail and e-commerce sectors. For more than a decade she has been responsible for planning, operations, financials and growth for several top national brands. As Operation Lead at Looney, Dara will leverage her attention to detail ingrained in her since childhood to make sure the agency is running at peak efficiency. 

Dara hails from Glen Ridge, where she is raising two toddlers with her husband, Brian.  They enjoy working out, cooking, dressing up and then leaving the kids with the grandparents.


Things That Dara Loves...