Digital Media Specialist

Erica’s favorite direction is forward.

When she was a child she overcame her fear of heights by climbing a 100-foot high alpine tower. At a young age she realized that her fear of taking the first step paled in comparison to not trying something new at all. Since then, Erica has set out to discover all kinds of new things-- Teaching herself to play piano, learning new yoga poses, traveling to remote parts of the world and exploring the digital and social media landscape.

Erica has immersed herself in the ever-evolving world of digital media. She’s an expert in programmatic, digital strategy, metrics and reporting, social tactics, influencer marketing, to name just a few. A graduate of Monmouth University, Erica left a comfortable position at a big media agency in New York to try something different at Looney.

A lover of the outdoors, Erica has visited two of the Wonders of the World and plans to visit all seven over the next ten years.  When she’s not discovering new hiking trails with her dog Cocoa or getting lost in a book, she volunteers in non-violence and conflict resolution workshops in prisons with the goal to inspire people to lead a more peaceful and positive lifestyle upon release.

Things That Erica Loves...