Design Lead

Jason always had a creative mindset. Whether it is drawing on a piece of paper, designing on a computer or just thinking ideas in his head, its always been a part of him. As early as high school he was doodling in his notepad inspired by heavy metal bands like Metallica and Slayer. 

Once it was time for him to graduate from high school, he knew that he wanted to do something in the creative field. His design education first started at Bergen Community College where he tried his hand at animation. While he loved the idea of creating characters and making them come to life, he wanted to use his creativity for something more. It wasn’t until he graduated from BCC with an AAS in Animation that he realized that he wanted to use his creative skills for communication. 

His next stop was Rowan University where he began his studies in Graphic Design. This is where he really found his calling and passion for communicating through design. He spent 3 years at Rowan before receiving a BFA in Graphic Design. Since college, Jason worked at various jobs, both in-house, and at multiple agencies before finding his way to Looney. 

Jason lives in Paramus, NJ with his soon to be wife Allison and pug Dale. When not working at Looney, Jason runs his own apparel brand Lift Me Up where he designs all of his own merchandise based on his illustrations. He also loves biking and traveling to Myrtle Beach every year.

Things That Jason Loves...