Financial Lead

Kari is a Certified Public Accountant extraordinaire who began her career in NYC at a national accounting firm followed by a consulting contract at one of the big six accounting firms. She then rose up the ranks over the next seven years managing the finances at a multi-billion dollar hedge fund. Most recently she was managing a team as the Associate Director of Finance at a top global Canadian Bank.  

Kari felt a nagging itch to transition into a creative field at a smaller, growth-oriented company where she could have a bigger impact on a daily basis. Like every great finance Ninja, she was looking to infuse her awesome expertise at a company closer to home in her quest to achieve a zen-like life balance. Kari is well versed in budgeting, forecasting, preparing financial statements, payroll, automating processes and stringent when it comes to maximizing efficiencies. Overall, our clients find her an absolute pleasure to work with even though she is constantly asking them for money.

Kari is a deeply focused and determined individual, especially when it comes to her love of music, cooking, running and glazed donuts. She has run the Chicago and New York City (twice!) marathons while dabbling in mini-triathlons along the way.  In her spare time, she founded a sustainable online clothing business which helps parents buy and sell the highest quality children’s clothing at a reasonable price. Her three biggest loves are her two small children and husband who makes every day a comedy.

Things That Kari Loves...