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Office Manager

Melissa is a producer, a doer, a completer, a task-master, a list ninja. She loves tackling a messy challenge and leaving a neat, organized, humble pile in her wake.

Melissa began her career at Nice Shoes, a leading post-production house in New York City.  Thereafter she became the operations hub at Berwyn Editorial, a large, full-scale production facility also in New York. She is well versed in the advertising industry and takes great pride in making co-workers and client’s lives better. Some might even say amazing.

When Melissa isn’t problem solving, she has a passion for the great outdoors. She can often be found hiking, kayaking, skiing, working out and cheering at lacrosse games or swim meets. She is a health food nut and is officially in love with kale. Feel free to ask her family how often they eat it for dinner. Melissa lives in New Jersey with her husband and two veggie-eating kids.

Things That Melissa Loves...