Looney Published on LinkedIn — To All The "Crazy" Women Out There

I’m sure most of you have seen or at least heard about the Nike spot that aired during the Oscars. If you didn’t, it’s worth viewing today in honor of International Women’s Day.

As a female entrepreneur, an advocate of fitness & wellness, and a mother, this spot really hits home. Powerful footage of badass female athletes flash upon the screen. Competing, sweating, fighting, crying, screaming, winning, leading. And then the powerful words to compliment….

“If we’re emotional, we’re called dramatic. "If we get angry, we’re hysterical, irrational or just being crazy. "So, if they want to call us crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do”

Wow, they just put it out there. No apologies, no excuses, no shame. But rather pure pride. An idea so big and so inspiring that as a creative storyteller myself, I was filled with such awe (and slight jealousy!)

I was so moved by the spot that it took me a few seconds to come out of my female Zen. And as I looked at my 17 year old daughter athlete, who just committed to play Lacrosse at Stanford, I realized, from that moment on, she would have a totally different perspective of what crazy means.  If anyone was ever to call her crazy, she wouldn’t think it was an insult, but now a compliment. And that she wasn’t alone, but in a community of amazing, strong, smart, and confident women.

Thank you to Wieden & Kennedy for taking this stereotypical label “crazy” and making it a cool badge of honor for me, my daughter and for all women.