Our Agency Co-Founders Sean And Debra Looney Have Been Inducted Into The NJ Ad Club Hall Of Fame

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The New Jersey Advertising Club is proud to announce that Sean and Debra Looney from Looney Advertising & Branding, Inc. have been inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame. Prior to founding their own firm 15 years ago, they held creative leadership positions at a variety of global agencies for more than a decade. They have helped market hundreds of companies with great success and won almost every award in the industry. 

Members of this prestigious group are selected based on their leadership, demonstration of their creativity, professional integrity, achievements of national significance, philanthropy and economic contributions to the state. They are both amongst the youngest inductees in hall of fame history. 

Spector: the Design Tool that is Changing Typography As We Know It

Spector: the Design Tool that is Changing Typography As We Know It

We often get original fonts from clients without any file. We do our best to match the font, but without the original art it’s time consuming. Now we can replicate fonts quickly with Spector, a handheld tool that takes a photo and uploads the font directly into InDesign.  This gadget can even download any color and convert it to CMYK or RGB within InDesign as well.