Gelazzi was a new, unknown gelato franchise that needed to generate trial with a limited budget. We created a "Chocolism" promotion that featured distraught chocolate Easter bunnies in print, POP, radio, digital and guerrilla tactics to drive people to an "underground" website. The press was all over the story and sales more than doubled after the campaign ran.



We drove consumers to Gelazzi’s website with several grassroots initiatives including chocolate bunnies running in local marathons and “Goodbye Cruel World” letters from bunnies placed strategically throughout local cities.


We created a mock underground website "" to rally people to protest Gelazzi’s delicious chocolate creations.  
The campaign was launched right before Easter for maximum impact.


Outdoor positioned within one mile of each café help drive hundreds to mock protest outside of local Gelazzi’s and of course receive free samples. This campaign worked perfectly within social media.