Panera Bread launched the fast-casual category more than a decade ago. For the first time in the brand’s history, several competitors were eating away at different core values that made them unique. Worse yet, most “light users” still thought that Panera Bread was a bakery.
We developed an “it’s all in the details” strategy that leveraged a variety of their benefits and positioned their bakery-cafe’s as community centers. In a weak economy and highly competitive category, sales were up 8.2% and their stock was up 37.3% the first year our campaign ran.

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The Looney team has helped make me a smarter marketer, media planner and concept strategist and a valued contributor to my team. I recommend their agency services to anyone looking for a true partner that will bring real results, focusing on what matters and what will truly be impactful.
— Jayne Strickland, Panera Bread